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Unilevel MLM solution built laravel

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名前 LETSCMS MLM Software
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Laravel eCommerce Mlm PHP Scripts | Unilevel MLM solution built with Laravel and Customizations
A Unilevel MLM plan is one of the simplest and most common types of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) compensation plans. In a Unilevel plan, distributors can sponsor an unlimited number of frontline distributors, and there is no width limit for the frontline. Each distributor can only have one line of distributors directly under them, hence the term “Uni” (meaning one). This creates a straightforward structure where distributors earn commissions based on the sales volume of their downline distributors, typically up to a certain level deep.

Integrating a Unilevel MLM plan with an eCommerce platform in Laravel involves building an eCommerce website where products or services are sold, and distributors can earn commissions based on sales made by themselves and their downline distributors. Here’s a basic overview of how you might approach implementing this in Laravel:

Ecommerce Platform Setup: Set up your eCommerce platform using Laravel. You can utilize Laravel’s built-in features or third-party packages to implement features such as product management, shopping cart, checkout, and payment processing.
User Authentication and Registration: Implement user authentication and registration functionality for both customers and distributors. Distributors should have additional features such as genealogy view, commission tracking, etc.
Unilevel MLM Plan Logic: Implement the logic for the Unilevel MLM plan. This includes calculating commissions based on sales volume generated by distributors in the downline up to a certain level.
Genealogy Tree: Create a genealogy tree to visualize the structure of the distributor network. This will help distributors track their downlines and commissions earned from each level.
Commission Calculation: Implement the logic to calculate commissions earned by distributors based on sales volume generated by themselves and their downline distributors.
Payout System: Develop a system to process commission payouts to distributors. This may involve integrating with payment gateways to facilitate payments.
Dashboard and Reporting: Build a dashboard for distributors to view their sales, commissions, and genealogy tree. Include reporting features to provide insights into their performance.
Security: Ensure the security of the platform by implementing proper authentication, authorization, and data encryption measures.
Testing: Thoroughly test the platform to ensure all features work as expected and provide a seamless user experience.
Deployment: Deploy the platform to a web server and make it accessible to users.

Remember to comply with any legal regulations related to MLM businesses in your jurisdiction, and consider consulting with legal experts if needed.

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  • Unilevel MLM solution built laravel
  • Unilevel MLM solution built laravel
  • Unilevel MLM solution built laravel





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