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投稿する際に登録していただく必要はありません。ですので今すぐにでも簡単にご投稿いただけます。ただし、投稿にあたって、いくつかご注意いただきたい事項がございます。これに関しては「PANDORA利用規約(PANDORA Terms & Conditions)」をご一読ください。




New Users

PANDORA is for users worldwide, not just in Japan or the UK.
There is no need to register in order to post an advertisement. It’s very easy to post, but there are some points to consider beforehand, so please refer to PANDORA’s Terms & Conditions on the PANDORA website.
In each category, you’ll see a POST button; click here and the application pages will appear.
There are brief instructions on how to fill this in.
If you want to include a photo, click on the photo area and select photos from your PC, tablet or smartphone. The photo will be uploaded immediately and re-sized automatically, there are no complicated procedures. If the original image is a large file, it will take longer to upload, so we recommend to select smaller file images, but if you’re not able to reduce the file size, just upload the image as it is.

You will need to create your own password before posting, and use this if you want to correct or delete a post. PANDORA has no facility for storing user passwords, so please remember it or note it down, as without it, you will need to restart from scratch with a new password.

So, how to post your advertisement.
After you’ve entered all the required details, click POST at the bottom of the page and you will see a preview of your advertisement. If you don’t need to make any changes, click GO. If any compulsory information is missing, your advertisement will not be posted – you will need to return to the application page and enter as required, before you can click GO.

Once you’ve successfully posted your advertisement, it will appear at the top of the listings.

Company Profile Japan Journals Ltd
Address St George’s House
14-17 Wells Street
London W1T 3PD
Managing Director Ko Tejima
Director Tomoko Ishino
Founded December 1987
Other Operations Publishing Weekly Japanese Paper 「JOURNEY」
Authentic Japanese Giftware Online Shop 「SELECT JAPAN」
Online Free Classified Advertising Site 「PANDORA」
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